Fully Managed Geospatial Stack

Geospatial Data Science, Visualization & Development
Built with PostgreSQL, CartoDB and Jupyter

We take care of backups, upgrades & performance so you can focus on work

Dedicated PostGIS/CartoDB in just 3 Steps

Step 1 Choose your machine

Based on your expected load and concurrent users

Step 2 Choose your region

Based on your expected user and customer locations

Step 3 pick account details

Enter your account details and payment information

Data Science Environment

Every account comes with Python 3.6+ Jupyter Lab environment

Data Science Teams

1. Use Preloaded Jupyter Notebooks

2. Use Preinstalled Spatial Analysis Libraries

3. Install any Dependencies within Python 3 Virtual Environment

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⛅ Choose your cloud provider

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🧮 Choose a machine

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$320/mo *


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🌍 Choose a region





New York

San Francisco



Backups enabled. Believe us, it's good for you ;)

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🛡 Specify your CartoDB instance settings

you will use these to login to your CartoDB instance as an administrator

one word between 4 to 30 chars, all lower case.

one word between 4 to 30 chars, all lower case.

At least one lowercase. At least one uppercase. At least one digit. At least one special character. At least it should have 6 characters long.

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