no limits - no quotas - highly scalable
GeoDB is designed for maximum transparency and flexibility

Fully dedicated CartoDB

That's right. You get a machine with a fully functioning CartoDB instance all to yourself.

Choose where your CartoDB server runs

Pick a geographic location close to you or your customers or existing infrastructure, ensuring fast response times.

Choose the power of your hardware

Pick how powerful your machine should be: from 2 CPUs and 2GB RAM, all the way up to 32 CPUs and 192GB RAM.

Seamless upgrades (CPU/RAM/Disk space)

With minimal downtime (appox 5 minutes), we can upgrade your machine to handle all your data, performance and traffic requirements. Please contact us for this.

Caching SQL API

All servers are setup with the a normal SQL API as well as a caching SQL API. This gives at-least 4x the performance of the regular SQL API and is ideal for read-intensive applications. Default cache time is 5min.

Simple and transparent pricing

You pay for what you use. No limits, no quotas, just highly scalable and linear pricing. We have monthly and discounted yearly plans (inquire about yearly plans).

Query performance monitoring

Every GeoDB comes with a PostgreSQL performance monitoring dashboard. This let's you see which queries are performing poorly, thus allowing you to tune them as needed. We want to make sure you are never in the dark about the performance of your applications.

Custom requirements

Do you have specific requirements that you don't see here. Performance tuning? On-premises setups? Specific cloud architectures? Data migrations? We are experts in setting up and running CartoDB as well as contributors to PostGIS. Please get in touch with us via the chat box or email: support@getgeodb.com